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Never Be Without a Refreshing Drink of Water Again

The amount of water used in any sized household is close to 80-100 gallons per person, per day! With that much water coming into contact with your family, make sure its quality and consistency is as good as it possibly can be. Water purification and conditioning systems from Prime Fire Safety remove impurities, bacteria and hard minerals from your water. Just like all our home services the difference is instantly noticeable. The result is clearer, more refreshing water for your whole family!

Water Filters, Purifiers, and Softeners?

Throughout any given day, household water is used for a multitude of tasks, from washing, laundry, cooking, and, of course, drinking. Our different products all work to improve the quality of your water in their own unique way, but what is the difference between them, and how do you know if you need a water filter, purifier, or softener?

Filters – These products remove or reduce impurities through systems of physical filters to remove sediments, chlorine, foreign taste & odour, particles, and more. Filters can eliminate chlorine, lead, mercury, magnesium, chromium, copper, nickel, iron, hydrogen sulfide and more. This process helps reduce the development of bacteria, algae and fungi. However, filters cannot fully prevent the presence of bacteria and viruses in the water.

Purifiers – These products disinfect the water to prevent illness by removing bacterial contaminants and viruses completely. Through the introduction of harmless chemicals or UV light water is purified to a safe, drinkable point. Purification unfortunately does not remove impurities and sediment like a water filter does, which is why the two products are often used in conjunction.

Softeners – Unlike filters and purifiers, water softeners are designed to prevent what is commonly called “hard water”. The products remove scale, minerals, and soap scum from building up in your pipes and appliances. You can notice the difference in cleaner dishes, scale-free shower heads and faucets, and more effective bathing and laundry products.

Our Products


Advanced 7 Stage Water Filtration System

This revolutionary 7 stage, pivot cartridge design can fit under most sinks to provide high quality drinking water affordably. Reduce contaminants including: Total dissolved solids, strange taste and odour, and lead. The unit’s filtration starts by removing particles like dirt and sediment 8 times smaller than the eye can see, then extracts chlorine, taste, and odor from the water.

A limited lifetime warranty is provided with each unit – refer to owner’s manual for more information


Conditioning System

The affordable, space efficient, all-in-one Whole Home Conditioning Unit automatically removes hard water minerals and unsightly iron from your water supply. As water flows through the Soft Conditioner, all hard water minerals and chlorine are removed by ion exchange, leaving your water nice and “soft” as it should be. When the unit become saturated with minerals, they are cleaned down the drain and ready to condition your water once again. Enjoy the following benefits from our Conditioning System:

  • Home appliances, bathroom fixtures and plumbing will be protected, 
  • Laundry will be cleaner, softer, and stain-free; 
  • Bathing and grooming will be more enjoyable.
  • We offer both the CitySoft+ and the CountrySoft+ for those customers who require iron extraction as well.


This effective unit is an economical way to remove iron from water without the use of messy, dangerous chemicals, expensive pumps, or an external venturi. The SIM works by adding oxygen to the incoming water by passing it through a bubble of compressed air. The water is then passed through a special filter bed. The special media filter not only increases the pH of the water to enhance iron removal, but also acts as a physical barrier to trap iron precipitate.

Each SIM comes with a one year limited warranty again manufacturing defects, and the mineral tank has a ten year warranty.



The TOCC unit’s filter uses a special catalytically enhanced carbon media which efficiently removes the chlorine

and chloramines from drinking water. Use of chloramines and chlorines to disinfect water by municipal water treatment plants is very common today. However, the use of these disinfectants leads to taste and odor issues. Enjoy clean, better tasting drinking water!


Ultraviolet Light System

The UV light system uses ultraviolet light to disinfect your water, without the use of harsh chemicals, like chlorine. The strong UV light interferes with the DNA of a microorganism, killing the bacteria, spores, and viruses that can make you and your family sick.

These lightweight units are easy to use and simple to maintain. They can provide up to 15 gallons of disinfected water per minute. Enjoy clean, disinfected drinking water for years to come.

Ready to taste the most refreshing water you have ever had? Give your family access to the cleanest water possible with any one of these products. Call us today to talk to a water division representative.

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