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The comfort and satisfaction of our clients is the most important part of our business. We are lucky to receive wonderful messages from our customers all the time. Don’t just take our word for it, and hear it from people just like you who were happy with their Prime Fire Safety experience.

If you want to experience this level of satisfaction with your water, air quality, environmental, or fire safety services then give us a call today!

We also reward our customers with scratch card mail-out promotions. Our monthly draws reward customers who have participated in one of our in-home presentations. See all of our lucky winners and find out how you can win too!



We also reward our customers with mail-out promotions as well as daily and monthly giveaways. See all of our lucky winners and find out how you can win too!



Having concerns about improving your home safety network? Read up-to-date testimonials from satisfied OmniShield customers and find out how this product changed their lives.

Water System Testimonials

Cat Approved Water

I just got my new water purifier installed. I changed my cats' water to the filtered water, and one cat Polly came and had a drink. Then sat there for a bit as if to say "that tasted different". Then Mace came and had a drink and Polly, a 10 lb calico pushed Mace, a 20 lb mancoon out of the way and drank her fill. I love, love, love my Northern Clarity water system and I also love my air purifier system.

Thank you,

Tess K.

An Improvement in My Diabetes

I am writing a letter of recommendation for your water purification system.
Since drinking the water I have found an improvement in my diabetes.
It is much easier to keep my sugar levels under control. My doctor is very pleased with my progress. I am doing well in my overall health and have more energy.

Thank you,

Jean H.

Even Made Us a Cup of Tea

A sales person you have working for you named Shawn came to our home. He was a lovely young man. He showed us his water and even made us a cup of tea to try his water that he brought in with him.

As for the other young man Brian who came to hook everything up, he sure knew what he had to do. My husband watched him and asked questions which were answered clearly.

Both boys were very pleasant. My husband and I really enjoyed having them in our home. Lovely young men!!

PS: Also enjoying the dish soap and other cleaning solutions.

Mary L.

Super Happy 

OMG did I ever miss having my water system turned on. The town was doing their water flushing, so it was suggested for the people with water systems to turn them off. That is when I discovered how much I liked my water. When something is taken away, that is when you miss it the most. I was super happy when I could turn my system back on.

Anita G.

Excellent System

I was very impressed with the quality of service from your team at NCA.

I also believe you have an excellent system, we love our water! We are enjoying Water Conditioner from every faucet in the house. Thank you NCA.

C. Beviil

Even Tea & Coffee Tastes Better

I am very happy to show how thankful I am for your company and your products. For many years my water has tasted funny and when your salesman showed me how much better your filtered water was I became interested and purchased your product. Since the water station has been installed my tea and coffee even tastes better. Thank you once again for everything.


Alice G.

Delighted With Customer Service

I am very pleased to say that I am enjoying great tasting water filtered by your company's water systems. It has been six months now and I am still recommending it to friends and family, as I know that it will benefit them like it has benefited me. I also wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the great customer service you have provided me.

With great thanks,

S. Zipfel

My Water is Now Only Water

This purchase has become a true blessing for my family. The absence of chlorine in my water has truly been an awesome experience. The taste and smell of my water is now only water, WOW! I especially love my tea and coffee!

Now the showering in the chlorine free water that is soft, unbelievable. It is literally like showering in velvet and it is awesome.

The money I am saving as a result of this purchase is just great. Now we can use our money where it matters. The 5 year Soap Package is excellent. I am now even more conscious of the environment and love the fact that it is all pure and no chemicals.

Your representative was fantastic, informative, and entertaining. Thanks for an amazing product and service!


Alain L.

After Only 11 Months!

When we purchased our Whole Home System from Jeremy, what impressed us the most was his "No Pressure" demeanor (the way a salesperson should act in someone's home) Since purchasing the system, I have been feeling a lot better physically. It is the same for cooking too. Everything just tastes better. It's been a long time since I was able to get my nose close to the tap. When I use the soft water for cleaning, such as laundry, just the fact of using less soap is appealing and now there is no itching which tells me all the soap is being rinsed out properly. The clothes are noticeably cleaner too! When showering, we noticed our skin was softer and even after just one shower, I didn't have dry itchy skin.

Brian top notch when the system was installed and then again this year for its service inspection. Best investment we ever made. Having the system for just one day pays for itself.

Brian L.

It is Worth The Money

Having healthy water to drink and cook with is a great gift! There is a big difference in the Drinking Station Water compared to bottle water we used to drink. The drinking station tastes great and clean, it does not have an odor or smell. My family and I are really enjoying the water so far, it is worth the money. I would like to say thank you to you and the team members for a great product and work well done. Thank you NCA!


Maureen A.

Pleasantly Surprised

My name is Rosemary and I have recently purchased a water purification station. With this system, I received several products free of charge. My purpose for writing this letter is to advise you of how pleasantly surprised I am with the variety of soaps and cleaning products I have used to date. The liquid cream soap is my positive favourite. Not only is it economical, but the scent and texture is so nice. The dish liquid is very fragrant; it leaves my hands soft and moisturized and cleans the dishes as well as any popular "name brand". These free products are definitely going to be used and enjoyed for the next 5 years.

Yours very truly,

Rosemary L.

Beyond Satisfied

I was very impressed by the amazing service that you have provided me with. I am beyond satisfied with the Whole Home System as I am relieved to consume good drinking water. My experience with your company has never been without a pleasant surprise. I've visited your headquarters and was equally impressed. Great Product and even better service! Thank you NCA.

Peter B.

Air System Testimonials

Not Only Improved My Health, But My Quality of Life

For a couple of weeks, I did not feel well. Sore throat and tired all the time with no appetite. Monday I was off work, but returned the next day because I felt a bit better. Wednesday I went to the walk in clinic because I felt worse. The doctor told me I had a respiratory infection. The next day I felt out of breath when I went to clean the snow off my car. When it took me 6 hours to get ready for work, I went to the hospital. My oxygen level was very low, 79. The doctor put me immediately on oxygen and did a lot of tests. After a week in the hospital he sent me home with a portable oxygen unit. Even the doctor was unsure if the level would come back up. I had appointments with specialists on January 6, they said I would always be on oxygen. None of the tests explained why my oxygen level was so low.

At the end of January, I purchased a RespirAide Air Cleaner for my home. I immediately noticed an improvement in my breathing. By then end of February, my doctor removed my portable oxygen unit completely! And my oxygen level is now good.

Thank you for improving my air with such a superior product. It has not only improved my health, but my quality of life as well.

Thank you friends!


Sharon N.

Made Breathing a Little Bit Easier

I am writing this in hopes you might share our story with anyone considering your Respiraide air purifier.
As you may remember, you showed us the air cleaner in the summer of 2007. We declined the purchase at the time as we had never had any health issues, never smoked, worked in offices until retirement and could not justify the expense. I seem to remember telling you we had great genes as well.
After 3 years had passed, we had never considered the air cleaner again. In the fall of this year my wife went to the doctor with difficulty breathing. We had talked about it and thought that it was just the summer heat, but it continued after the heat let up for the season. As it turns out, my wife has recently been diagnosed with emphysema.
After talking about it for a few days, we remembered your presentation, and the warnings you had given us. The big question was, "could we have avoided this?" So we called you back to discuss the air cleaner and made the decision to purchase it.
As you explained on both visits, the air cleaner is not a cure. It has however made breathing a little bit easier for my wife and hopefully will prevent another bad news visit to the doctor.
For anyone considering this unit, healthy or not get one. As Tom says, "If you had a crystal ball, you already would own a Respiraide."
Thank you for a great product and all the best to everyone at NCA Home Services.

Kind Regards,

Gordon and Patricia M.

Well Worth Every Penny

I bought an air cleaner from your company over a year ago. I loved it at the time and I am writing to say I still think this is terrific.

At first, I thought the price was steep. As much as I thought of the machine, during the first few weeks of having it, I couldn't help but wonder if maybe I should have purchased something for less money. Now, a year later I am glad I kept my machine and feel it was well worth every penny!

I have a dog and two cats. I clean my house thoroughly every day and have my ducts cleaned regularly. I thought it was clean, but noticed a difference after the air purifier had been here for only one day. Also I have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of housecleaning I have to do since I got the machine.

A couple of weeks ago my grown son decided he wanted to store a musty smelly old carpet at my home. I had decided to open the windows so I turned off the air purifier. Within 30 minutes that entire room smelled like that nasty old carpet. I turned it on again, and within 30 minutes the air was fresh again and I can't smell that carpet. It also rids the air of kitty litter odor, cooking odor, smoke, etc. I've also noticed that I sleep better at night and don't have any problems whatsoever with pollen allergies when I'm home.

The machine has never give me any trouble, never needed servicing and I can't believe that stuff that collects on it. It works as well today as the day I bought it.

So, over a year later I'm still very happy with this product. Everybody should have one! It's never too early to enjoy this. So thank you for distributing such a helpful, healthful product.

Kind Regards,

Laurie R.

Reduced My Cleaning Lady Visists

A month ago I purchased a Respiraide machine. Yesterday I washed the cell filter. It was amazing how much dirt had collected in the frame parts.

I am sure this machine has reduced the amount of dust in the air. I think I can reduce my cleaning lady visits to every 4 weeks instead of 2 weeks.

I hope continued use of this machine will control my chronic rhinitis. It may take a while as I had this problem for 10 years.

Yours sincerely,


Made Such a Difference in My Breathing

I'm writing this note to let you know just how pleased we are with our new RespirAide Electronic Air Cleaner.

We had purchased two air cleaners in the previous six months, but there is no comparison to yours.

I have emphysema (COPD). It has made such a difference in my breathing. I used to wake up coughing several times during the night and now I sleep right through.

We really notice how well it cleans the dust from the air and eliminates the odor from smoking, cooking and the pets.

We appreciate having a sales man like Grant Bending. He really knows his product, answered all our questions without pressuring us in any way. Grant is not a salesman to us, we honestly believe we have a new friend.


Al & Marg R.

I Could Smell the Difference in My Air After 15 Minutes

I just wanted to write this letter to tell you what a great product you have and I hope that you share this letter with future owners.

My story starts with my husband and myself purchasing a home. To make a long story short, the ceiling in our son’s room collapsed AND we had a bat problem. We had a new roof put on, but that really did nothing for the musty smell of the rotted wood that caused the accident. The roof had leaked, and unbeknownst to us, had leaked all the way down the inside of the walls, to the basement. Needless to say, our house did not smell very good.

One night I answered my phone to hear a voice say that I had won a gift, and all I had to do was listen for about a ½ hour about a product they were selling. I agreed, and had him over the same night.

Truly, I am so glad that I did. Not only was the salesman friendly and courteous, but he also knew his product really well. Really, he didn’t need to though, because it sold itself

I could smell the difference in my air after 15 minutes. Everything that was told to me about the air cleaner was logical and feasible.

I kept the air cleaner upstairs in my dining room, because we had just painted and the fumes were pretty bad. The smell was gone the next day. I decided the real test would be down in my basement, where the cat litter box is, my husband smokes, and where the musty smell is the worst. This product passed with flying colours! My husband has a cigarette and the smell is gone in minutes. There is no odor anymore of the litter box, and the musty odor is GONE. The funny part of it, my roof is still leaking. I am so glad I answered my phone, and decided to listen to what the gentleman had to say.
Thank you for calling, and for such a great product.


Melanie D.

Improvement in My Family’s Overall Sense of Health

I wanted to take a moment to express my delight & appreciation to your company for introducing me to your wonderful product.

Since having our new Respiraide in my home, I as well as my family &friends, have noticed an overall improvement in the quality, lightness and clean smell of the air in my home.

What I think I have been most impressed with is the improvement in my families overall sense of health. Both my daughter and husband have seasonal allergies and since we have placed the units in our home both of them have experienced immediate improvements in breathing and congestion especially noticeable in the morning after a good night sleep with the unit nearby.

I myself have been plagued with migraines most of my life and I am amazed at the improvement in both frequency and severity of my migraines since having the unit. My allergy to cats can also be easily remedied by positioning myself near the unit for a few minutes after having exposure to cats rather than always turning to antihistamines which can leave you feeling groggy or over medicated.

Added to all of this, I have also seen a significant improvement and decrease in the amount of dust and need for dusting in my home, which is also a huge benefit with a busy lifestyle.

With all of its benefits I listed above, this product has most definitely paid for itself. Thank you again to you & to your team for introducing us to this amazing product which I continue to rave about to everyone!


Stephanie P.

Relief from Extreme Allergies

In January 2010 I purchased and air purifier from NCA Sales, namely the Respiraide 300T. I suffer from extreme allergies to dust, mould, pollen, and cats. I also live with 3 very beloved cats. Before buying the air purifier I took multiple medications as well as allergy shots in order to have a more or less normal existence, but only on bad days, I still suffered from stuffed sinuses or watery, itchy eyes.

As soon as the appliance was turned on, I noticed a positive difference in the quality of the air in the immediate area. It seemed lighter, with a clean smell to it. After a few days of running the appliance I noticed a huge difference in the quality of the air in my home and my allergies had all but disappeared (when I’m in the house).

Another plus to the Respiraide is that I seem to have less dust in the house. As well, cooking smells dissipate more quickly than before I had the appliance.
I can certainly recommend it , especially to someone with persistent allergies.


Gerda R.

Improved Lung Function

We can’t thank you enough for the difference your purifier has made in our lives. My husband, Brad has Cystic Fibrosis (a genetic lung disease) and received a double lung transplant almost 6 years ago. Brad’s health took a turn for the worst in the fall and winter of 2004. We were living in a basement apartment that was not conducive to his health. However a friend of ours told us about your products and the difference it had made in their health (Thank you John). With the help of your air purifier, Brad’s lung function has improved and has once again become stable. We don’t know what we would do without the purifier- it’s nothing short of a miracle.

For anyone who has allergies, asthma, or any respiratory condition we cannot stress enough our recommendation for your products. Your staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and your products truly improve the health of those who use them.

Thank you again for everything!!

Rebecca and Brad S.

Such a Difference in My Children's Health

Recently my husband and I purchased a RespirAide, and we are so happy with its performance. We can't help ourselves from telling everyone we know about this wonderful machine. I have noticed such a difference in my children's health. As well, we both enjoy entertaining in our home and with the machine there are no fowl odors throughout our residence anymore! It's so nice not smelling smoke for three days or more after our guests leave, like we were used to before. Within minutes of the cigarette being extinguished, you can't smell it!

Thank you again for such a great product



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